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As a studio drummer myself, my passion has always been serving the song, serving the music. To me, there is nothing better than empty space on a song left for drums. Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to meet some great like-minded musicians, devoted to their craft. They are fantastic musicians, but more important than that they have taste. Taste is playing the part that the song is begging for. Those perfect three little notes in the chorus that you only notice when they're gone. That fat, thick, slow bass line that carries the weight of the song and its melody. Or in some cases, that full smack-in-the face intro with Horns, Organ, Strings, Drums, Bass that grabs the listener by the scruff of their neck and says LISTEN TO ME. You can't argue with that. 

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There's no reason not to release your music. There’s seriously nothing more discouraging than getting stuck at the recording phase. Do I find a studio? Do I hire musicians? How do I get my recording to sound clean and polished? Is it expensive? Can my songs be on the radio? On Spotify? Sometimes it’s easier to stop, move on to the next song, give up right there, put it off. But, there is nothing more rewarding than hearing your song fleshed out, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered. It’s like watching your car go through the car wash... No. It’s like watching your car being BUILT, custom made just for you. With the perfect paint, the dark tinted windows, the leather seats you imagined… I could go on. Fox Tracks is the bridge between scratch demo and full release and distribution. Plus with our partners at Indie Advance, we can help support your vision past release. If Billie Eilish can win 6 Grammys recording from her bedroom.. well... 

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You know exactly what you want your music to sound like. Fox Tracks is your resource to quality instrument tracks, arrangements and guidance when you need it. Whether you're a professional producer yourself, or a home recording artist ready to distribute your first single, you'll love the way we operate. Supply a chart, or request an arrangement. Send us a scratchy voice memo, or send us a mixed track. Fox tracks was created to provide artists with Resources, Direction, and Inspiration. Our passion is helping a song become everything it was meant to be. We're not a music producer, we're a music revealer. We don't make music, we let it. 

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