From Demo to Radio Hit in Steps



We create a modifiable mockup of your song and you sign off on it when you love it.


We'll take our instrument bed and arrange parts for instrumentalists to record from. 


Professional Fox Tracks studio instrumentalists across the country record on your track.


We compile all the instrument tracks and mix!

You'll receive a final master ready for distribution. 

Ready to Produce Your Music?

Here's What You'll Need:

1 ) A Demo of Your Song

This is a rough representation of your song. It can be recorded on your phone or from a live show, we just need to hear the FORM of the song (how many verses, choruses, etc.) and make sure we're a good match.

If you're a Rapper or Vocalist, you can also have us produce a Custom Instrumental for you. Check out our Track Builder HERE.

2) A Home Recording Set-Up or a Local Studio

Once the instruments for your song are recorded, you'll need to record your vocals (or have one of our Musicians sing if you'd prefer). In order to do this you'll need to get set up to record at home.


Lucky for you, we've put together this handy guide on Home Recording. Download that HERE.

If you still have questions we're happy to help out! Give us a call or send an email and we'll give you a free consultation. 

If you don't want to record at home, you can also take your finished instrument bed to a recording studio of your choice. We'll provide stems for each instrument so you can adjust levels while you're recording. 

3 - A Professional and Positive Attitude

Are you excited to record your song? We are! Let's bring your music to the next level and get it ready to BLOW PEOPLE'S MINDS! We take pride in our work and choose to work with  professional, devoted, and enthusiastic individuals who are ready to invest in their music. 

Are you ready? Pounce on that START button.