Bedroom Recording is a Must

Let’s say you’re sitting at home with your guitar or piano.

You just finished writing the best song the world’s never heard.

The chorus is straight fire, and you’re pretty damn proud of those double entendres in the second verse. It’s catchy, and you think it could be a hit.

That’s all great... But now what??

You want to share this song with the world, but all you have is a piece of paper with some emotional lyrics and chords crossed out and rewritten.

You don’t have access to a studio so your only option is to maybe toss it into your iPhone’s Voice Memo graveyard with hundreds of other melodies, chord progressions untitled recordings, Verse idea number 6 part 2’s and songs that could have been.

Did you know...

At this year’s Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish won

Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year

and her brother won Producer of The Year

ALL from an album they recorded together in a bedroom? (Read)

So… Why aren’t YOU recording at home??

You never know, maybe that song you just wrote could be a hit, but NOBODY WILL HEAR IT if it isn’t recorded. And the truth is, IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD to get studio quality recording set up at home.