Our Mission is to provide artists with everything they need to produce their music without frustration. Whether you need a full arrangement of your song or a custom beat to sing to, we've got you covered.

Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Brass, Strings, Vocals and more. Commission a backup horn section to back you up or guitar solo to hype up the bridge. We'll take care of the charts and sheet music. 

Instrument Tracks & Arrangements

Royalty-free tracks for you to sing or rap to. Commission a custom beat that suits your style and add live instrumentation. 

Beats & Instrumentals

We've all heard it: "The special sauce" "The final touch" Get some fresh ears on your track and let your arrangement come to life. 

Mixing & Mastering

Whether you're a Podcaster, YouTuber, or Business, every piece of content you put out reflects your brand. Hire us for Original Intro Themes, Jingles, Audio Logos and more...

Sonic Branding
Tweety Bird

Rather than trying to dig through stock music to find one that's 'close enough' for your video, hire a composer to create something that compliments your art, and we'll record it with live musicians.

Original Music & Underscore
Music Notation

We got tired of the same old robotic samples so we decided to make some all-organic non-GMO sample packs with our talented team of Fox Tracks Musicians. Check them out and chop them as you please!

Sound Packs