Our Services

Our team is passionate about helping songwriters bring their music into the world. 

Besides production services we also craft original music for podcasts, brands, and videos. 


Full Single Production

Our favorite thing to do is work with an artist to turn their rough demo into a polished piece of music ready for licensing, radio play, streaming, and distribution. A full single production includes everything you need to finish your song.


Online Instrument Tracks

Every Fox Tracks Musician has been auditioned for musicality and talent and selected based on their chart reading, tone, genre specialty and professionalism. We use industry-standard recording gear to turn your demo into a radio-ready hit.


Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

The special sauce, the cherry on top, the perfect blend, the final touch; just what it needs. Put some fresh ears on your track and get the perfect mix. We also offer diligent editing for podcasts and recorded tracks



Lush and full strings, thick and powerful horns - take your track to the next level with professionally arranged and recorded instrumental sections. A solid arrangement is necessary for a clean mix and compelling production.


Original Underscore

The perfect compliment to your video. Don't take away from your final product by using a track that just doesn't work. Let's talk about what your film needs and we'll make you something that fits like a glove.


Sonic Branding

Podcast Intros, In-App Sounds, Themes & Jingles.

Don't settle for canned music on your project. We don't write music to fit your brand, we write music that IS your brand. 


Sound Packs

Tired of that same old kick sample? Imagine what you could do with sounds that nobody has ever heard before. Get a custom toolbox of original, unheard, studio quality samples for you to slice and dice however you please.


Charts and Transcriptions

Make it an easy and efficient session with perfectly translated charts and transcriptions and don't waste time guessing at notes and chords. We also include this service as part of our Single Production