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What does your brand sound like?

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We love helping our clients find that missing piece with custom music that fits perfectly.

SiriusXM 'Comic-Con Begins'

Specs: "Batman Theme" "Modern" "Exciting" "Orchestral"

SiriusXM needed an engaging intro theme that would tell the story of the San Diego Comic-Con from the 60's to present-day. We found the best of both worlds with a theme that captured the nostalgia of comics and synths in the 60s while nodding to the comic book movie themes of modern day. 


'CIA Moms' Intro Theme

Specs: "Spy" "Bombastic" "Hard Rock" "Horns"

CIA Moms is an original TV show about moms who are secretly in the CIA. The music we composed blended elements of James Bond themes, big band horns, hard rock and punk. We wanted to capture the bad-assery of the moms while creating subtle cues to remind the listener of familiar contemporary themes. 


'The Nutrition Mechanic' Podcast

Specs: "Moving" "Inspiring" "Raw" "Earthy"

The Nutrition Mechanic needed something that fit their brand new Podcast. We went with an 'earthy' sound palette with a driving percussion-heavy rhythm. 


'Specdrums Mix' App by Sphero

Specs: "Groovy" "Fun" "Simple" "Colorful" "Real"

Sphero needed interactive loops that users could combine, mute, solo, and trigger through their app 'Specdrums Mix'. We made them organic funky loops with drums, bass, keys, and guitar that worked together and made a creative and engaging experience for the app user. 


Amy Young Coaching

Specs: "Meditative" "Soothing" "Warm" "Soft"

Amy Young is an online coach who was looking for an original track to compliment her group mediations. We created a soothing piece of music to match her spoken word that would ebb and flow over the course of 15 minutes, cueing transitions in the meditation.

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Happy Nest Investment

Specs: "Quirky" "Zany" "Barber-shop" "Looney"

Happy Nest wanted to create more enthusiasm and engagement with users of their real estate investment app. We created a theme for their character 'Eggmund' that captured his witty and eccentric personality to create a fun experience for the users of the app.  


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What does your brand sound like?