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Project Story:

Bandwagon Sports

The Story

How it started

Ki.Co Marketing came to us with an interesting request. They were looking for a specific type of music for their advertisement. It had to be "super-cheesy" in order to help sell the feeling of a 90's-Style advertisement.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 1.46.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 1.52.59 PM.png

Nailing the production

Check out our first demos - which is your favorite?

When someone asks you to make something "super-cheesy", you can't hold back even one bit. 

We went full 90's production by choosing a snare with that classic reverb, a syrupy horn synth, a bass part that involved way too many notes, and an epic guitar/horn riff that screamed "LISTEN TO ME!"

Logo Square A.png

Bandwagon Demos

Logo Square A.png

Bandwagon Stems

Embrace the cheese

After receiving approval from Ki.Co to move forward with the third demo for direction, we got to work polishing up the parts, lengthening the piece, and creating moments to sync with the advertisement.

This project was a blast to work on. Fun fact: Ki.Co Marketing also did our recent rebrand. Thanks Ki.Co!

The Outcome

The final product is a super fun, super cheesy piece of music that fits the vibe of the video perfectly. 

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Final Version: Bandwagon Theme

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Review from Ki.Co

We still continue to get an influx of praise about the original score. 

- Cody Johnson
Founder, Ki.Co Marketing

What's your story?

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