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Let your music
be heard.

Join the Indie Recording Academy and learn to record your own music

Pre-order price this month only.
The lowest it will ever be!

Join the Indie Recording Academy
And get your music out there

The Indie Recording Academy online course will show you how to set up your own pro studio at home so you can start making music on your own terms.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Stop throwing your music away!

Here's the truth -
Your music won't go anywhere if nobody ever hears it.

Talent alone isn't enough to propel you to success. We all know that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take - whether you're shooting hoops or writing hits.


It doesn't matter HOW GOOD your music is, if you don't record, produce, and put your songs out into the world, nobody will hear them! It's as simple as that.


With countless aspiring artists vying for attention, you need to captivate your audience and perk the ears of industry professionals with a polished, professional sound. As daunting as it may seem to set it up, you can do this from your own home studio and save so much time and money.

So - Whether it's the technical complexities of setting up equipment, the details of achieving studio quality sound, or knowing where to begin in the overall production process, we've mapped the road to recording success; We made it as easy as possible to get all the info you need to set up your own studio with essential industry tips and techniques.

Don't get stuck in a cycle of missed opportunities - unable to share your music with the world and realize your full potential. Don't miss another opportunity because your music isn't recorded.


Take control and start recording your own damn music with the Indie Recording Academy. 

What's included
in the course:

14 modules of content

($400 Value)

We took everything you need to know about recording at home - microphones, sound treatment, mixing, and more, and condensed it down into 14 value-packed modules that will teach you how to record at home (about 2 hours)

Exclusive community


Get access to our Facebook community where you can ask questions, get feedback on songs, and get support from the founder. Maybe you'll find your new favorite collaborator ;) 

E-Book + Resource Guide

($50 Value)

Along with the videos, you'll have two great resource guides to go with your progress. The home recording guide includes a gear roundup of great choices for gear and the resource guide has every essential term in it. 

Discounts on production

($300+ Value)

Through Fox Tracks Music, you can receive discounts on sound packs, demo reviews and other production services like mixing and instrument tracking from the online studio.

Valued at $700+

You Pay $127


$49 Pre-Order Sale

Image by Chase Yi

Pre-Order Now,
Get 60% Off

The Indie Recording Academy is now available for pre-order, knocking a full 60% off full price ($127).


Get it before it's gone - don't miss this opportunity to start recording your music and get it out into the world at this exclusive low price.

Home-recorded records have been winning grammys 

With the gear getting better and better every day, the quality is good enough for artists like Jacob Collier, Charlie Puth, and Billie Eilish to earn grammys and gain huge attention from albums recorded from home.


We're not saying that it will earn you immediate fame, but by not setting yourself up to record, you're missing out on all kinds of opportunities. 


Set yourself up to record. Set yourself up for success. 


Indie Recording Studio is the perfect first step for getting your music recorded and out into the world.
Presented in a clear, non-intimidating fashion, this course will empower you to dive in and experiment with easy-to-use, inexpensive recording tools.
The Indie Recording academy is great! I learned a lot and now I feel like I can record my songs at home. Thanks to Max and Scott!

Pre-order IS NOW OPEN

Get 60% Off

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