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Countdown For The Muse

The in-person and online fundraiser to support a non-profit performance venue

The Story

The winter of 2020 was one of the hardest times for venues and musicians. One venue in particular, The Muse Performance Space, was gaining traction with the local community when the pandemic hit. We were determined to find a way to support this one-of-a-kind venue and help them stay open through the winter months. We developed a virtual fundraiser and recording that allowed musicians to record their songs and help The Muse stay afloat.

Photos by Scott Rowland

The Muse

The Muse Performance Space is a hidden gem in Lafayette. Owned by a musician couple, The Muse promises to give musicians a place to play where they feel heard and respected. Their motto is 'by musicians, for musicians' and anyone who performs there can attest to their generosity. 

The pandemic was especially challenging for musicians and venues. We wanted to help The Muse keep their doors open.


Clare Church and Pete Lewis


Let's Put On a Show!

At the time we couldn't do a traditional in-person event. The challenge became finding a way to create a fundraiser without putting anybody at risk and only allowing a few people in the same vicinity. 

We worked out a way to record multiple artists in The Muse, one at a time. We set up our video and audio equipment and filmed and recorded 10 artists in three days. Each artist happily paid a small fee to keep the video content and after a week we had put together a virtual concert.   

Thank you to those 10 incredibly generous artists for donating your time and music.

Bringing it all together

With some help from a few local businesses and some members of the music community we compiled a video featuring the 10 artists all in support of The Muse Performance Space. 

Thank you to

Mark Diamond

Natalia Aramovich

BK Kahn Trio

Andrew Cooney

Cass Clayton

Shanna in a Dress

Kim Crecelius

The Moonlit Wild

Rebecca Folsom

Lucas Wolf

Jack Gaffney

Mark Diamond's 'Quarantune'



We were so impressed with the production of Countdown For The Muse. Fox Tracks made this event successful with the high quality video and audio they are known for! We were so happy with the results.

-Pete L. 
Muse Performance Space 

What's your story?

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