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Turn your demo into a finished song

with Fox Tracks Music

Produce your music with full flexibility and control. 

Studio-Quality sound without the time-crunch.

Microphone Sound Editing

Jesse F.

"I was able to to to bring my chord progressions and vocals to Fox Tracks and within a couple days I had a full arrangement ready to record. The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. "

Piano Keys

Brandon N.

"Great communication, diligent and precise work, an enjoyable experience overall. A refined recording process. Thanks a bunch!"

Guitar Playing

Tilda G.

"Open minded, innovative, flexible, inspiring, and reliable. Fox Tracks worked with me to make some super great music that I’m extremely proud of."
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Save time and stay creative.


How many songs fall short on their release day because they aren't properly produced? The truth is, It’s impossible to know if your music is ready to be heard when you’ve done everything yourself.


Without a proper production plan, it’s easy to get distracted and face burnout. Recording studios can be stressful and expensive and it's hard to create and experiment freely when you can hear the clock ticking.


Rather than giving your songs up to pesky producers with ill-intent or booking more hours of studio time only to come back empty-handed,

produce your music online and experience

clear direction and full creative control.

Learn how we keep things flexible.

Time to let your music bloom.

Take control and take action.

You know exactly what you want your song to sound like. Don't let anything stand in the way of your imagination.

Save time and stay creative.

Don't spend time doing anything other than what you are best at. Keep creating and we'll do the heavy lifting.

Cut through the noise.

A well-produced song gets more engagement and coaxes listeners to put it on repeat. Make music that people love.

Let your music be heard.

People want to hear your music. Don't keep it all to yourself just because it isn't finished. Put your music into the world. 

Let your music be heard.


(your songs deserve it)

At Fox Tracks Music, we know pro musicians like you just want their music to be heard and appreciated. But, in order for you to be an artist ‘on repeat’ you're going to need a professionally produced piece of music that people will relate to, engage with, and ultimately become addicted to.


The problem is that recording studio costs can be more than expected and working with producers can come with unclear expectations and outcomes. This can make you feel confused, burnt out, and make you start to think your music isn’t worth the time. But your music is worth the time. Your music is worth something. That's why every single musician at Fox Tracks is devoted to one simple truth...

Good music should never die young.

We understand that navigating the music production process on your own can be challenging. That's why we developed a streamlined online music production system for musicians who deserve to be heard. Here’s how it works.


First, we chat and take time to understand exactly what you want your music to sound like. We make a modifiable mockup of your song that takes every detail into account. Then we create an arrangement, send parts to the perfect musicians for the job, and produce your track around you. Finally, we mix, master and send you a master ready to be distributed on all platforms and played on repeat by your fans. It's simple, efficient, and effective, which is why musicians and brands across the world trust us with their music.


So start today - your music is worth it. Give us a call any time. We want to hear about your music whether you decide to work with us or not. Finally you can stop wondering what to do with your unfinished songs and start making your way towards the top of the charts.


We create a modifiable mockup of your song and you sign off on it when you love it.


We'll take our instrument bed and arrange parts for instrumentalists to record from. 


Professional Fox Tracks studio instrumentalists across the country record on your track.


We compile all the instrument tracks and mix!

You'll receive a final master ready for distribution. 

Our 4-Step Production Process


The Fox Tracks 5


Five reasons why you'll love what we do.

The Best Sound for Each Part
Imagine if you had access to a studio that specialized in recording guitar. Plus you had access to a studio that specialized in recording drums. Where would you record guitar? Drums? What if you had access to a separate studio for each instrument? That's what we did at Fox Tracks. With recording gear getting better and better, it’s no wonder how Billie Eilish won 6 Grammys by recording at home sitting on her bed with a $1200 interface and a $100 microphone. We’re not saying recording studios don’t get great sounds, we’re saying that everyone can get great sounds. 

Security and Clear Expectations
Working with a producer can be difficult. How do you find the right producer? How do you know they won’t hi-jack your sound and style? With Fox tracks, you become the producer and work one-on-one with our team who will help you find exactly what you want - together. Instead of letting your song go and trusting someone, you’ll be able to be as involved as you want. 4 Ears are better than 2, and we have insights and suggestions that will fit perfectly with your vision. 

Greater than the Sum of Parts
Sure you can do everything yourself, but will it be as good as if you hired each individual person to do exactly the one thing that they do best? I don’t think so. You can do graphic design, and you might even get the product you want, but unless you are a trained graphic designer, it will be harder to get there. We let each musician do what they do best and the product becomes greater than the sum of its parts. 

Flexibility and Control
When you work with fox tracks you have access to incredible song-writers and producers who will help you get your song prepped for recording. It’s scary to commit but until you make the decision to finish a song you will continue to write and leave song after song after song. There has never been a better opportunity to finish your music at an affordable rate. The world wants to hear it. Don’t keep it all to yourself. 

Healthy Creativity
We believe that leaving time to process and chew over ideas is essential for healthy creativity - even if it’s just a couple of hours or a night. With our process, you’ll be able to test out ideas, A/B different versions, and take steps in new directions with no risk of wasting time or money. Instead of trying out ideas in the studio while the clock is ticking, you’ll be able to take your time and collaborate with a team of experts until you hear what you want. No more guessing. No more ‘close enough’s. 

Real Studio Instruments

Fox Tracks works with a superb team of Professional Studio Musicians. No matter what style or sound you're going for we have the perfect match. Intentional performances on your song.

Custom Tracks & Beats

Long gone are the days of searching YouTube for a beat that's 'close enough'. Get a track produced for you that matches exactly what you hear in your head. 100% Royalty Free.

Sound Packs

Our new suite of sound packs recorded by real-life human beings allow you to inject some organic sounds into your music. Compatible with any DAW, just drop them in and enjoy.

100% Royalty Free.

Mixing & Mastering

Get fresh ears and a professional mix on your song. Make sure your sound stands up to the competition and perks your listeners ears.