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Produce your music
with a team of studio pros

Audio Branding • Production • Live Recording


The Online Recording Studio
Dedicated to Your Music

Fox Tracks is a full-service online music production studio.

We specialize in audio branding, live recordings, and music production.

No matter what your project is, our team of studio pros

will ensure it sounds full, polished, and organic.

Custom Music

Original sound design, composition, and production to develop your unique sound signature.

  • Podcast Intro Theme & Variations

  • Underscore for Voiceover

  • Stingers and SFX

  • Audio Logos

  • Music for Advertisements

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Song Production

Turn your rough demo into a polished piece of music ready for licensing, radio play, and distribution.

  • Arranging

  • Demo Feedback

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Instrument Recording

  • 1:1 Producer Consultations

music producer, song production, demo feedback, music production

Live Recording

Excellent audio and video recording on-location. 4K video for brands & bands with pro studio quality audio.

  • EPK Packages for booking w/ venues

  • Audition taping, band demos

  • Audio Specialist

  • Podcasts, Brand Stories, More

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Why work with Fox Tracks?

Music that feels right.

Your music is your music. No licensing and no royalties, you own 100%.

Our world-class team of studio pros allows us to make any style of music and record it online

We take pride in understanding your unique sound to create music that feels like you.


Sophia R.

"Max was an absolute gem to work with. He was able to channel my vision into instrumentation that still impresses me every time I listen to my song."

Piano Keys

The Nutrition Mechanic

"Max's attention to detail, creativity, timeliness, and quality is outstanding and one of a kind! We are thrilled to have original music, handcrafted by such a talented musician and producer, to add to our podcast project."

Guitar Playing

Jesse F.

"This is my third time using Fox Tracks and I couldn’t be happier! The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. Max is the man and one of the most talented, honest and fair people in the industry."

Max Asia Fall 2022-82 2.jpg

Follow your sound.

The only way to stand out in a sea of noise is with the right sound - your sound.

As you know, bad audio or recycled music is a sure way to define someone as sloppy and generic, which is why your sound needs to exude class, professionalism, and pride.

As a film composer and producer, I am passionate about helping you achieve this by learning about your unique style. Your music should reflect who you are and connect on an emotional level with your audience to create a lasting impression.


Working together, we can follow your sound and create music that is memorable and inspiring.

I can't wait to learn about your story and help you create music that truly represents you.

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