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Imagine what those dusty voice memos and half-finished demos could be with a little direction and some ridiculously talented studio pros laying down the perfect parts. Our passion is empowering artists and giving them the tools they need to turn their music into anything they can imagine. Do you want some funky bass to spice up your song? How about a horn section?
Whatever you can hear in your head, we can make a reality. 


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Jesse, Artist

"This is my third time using Fox Tracks and I couldn’t be happier! The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. I was able to to to bring my chord progressions and vocals to Fox Tracks and within a couple days I had a full arrangement ready to record."

Zooming Camera

Sean, Filmmaker

"These guys deliver top tier professional results in a timely manner. If you’re looking for someone to go the extra mile and help pull your project together, you’ve come to the right spot."

Guitar Playing

Tilda, Artist

Max is open minded, innovative, flexible, inspiring, and one of the most reliable people I know. He worked with me to make some super great music that I’m extremely proud of.

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