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Microphone Sound Editing

Jesse F.

"I was able to to to bring my chord progressions and vocals to Fox Tracks and within a couple days I had a full arrangement ready to record. The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. "

Piano Keys

Brandon N.

"Great communication, diligent and precise work, an enjoyable experience overall. A refined recording process. Thanks a bunch!"

Guitar Playing

Tilda G.

"Open minded, innovative, flexible, inspiring, and reliable. Fox Tracks worked with me to make some super great music that I’m extremely proud of."

3 reasons to work with fox tracks

You know exactly what you want your music to sound like; Take control and let your ideas come to life. Cut through the noise with a powerful production that serves your song and impresses your fans. 

Don't let anything stand in the way of your imagination. When you have everything you need to produce your music, you can finally turn that dusty old voice memo into a polished and professional hit. 

Don't waste time doing anything that takes you away from creating music. Our mission is to make music production easy and inspiring for artists so you can avoid burning out.

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Learn the best microphones, gear, and recording techniques to get a great studio sound from home without breaking the bank.

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