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Producing a song is a daunting task for one person. Between mixing, arranging, studio costs, hiring musicians, and finding the time put it all together, it's easy to lose focus or feel discouraged along the way.

By streamlining the music production process and and utilizing our super-hero team of pro studio musicians, Fox Tracks Music will help you avoid burn-out and allow you to release more music you're proud of.

  • Get pro studio musicians to record your song

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  • Make more music and stay inspired


Sophia R.

"It's one thing to feel confident in a producer's musical abilities, it's another thing to feel totally comfortable and safe in the process."

Piano Keys

Lyndsay S.

"It can be tricky incorporating other people into my process but working with Fox Tracks is giving me hope about branching out more often."

Guitar Playing

Pat M.

"Fox Tracks Rocks! With our picky clients and tight deadlines we don't just trust anyone with our music needs."



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Home Recording Guide 

Learn to sound-treat your room, find the right microphones, and record with proper placement and technique so you can get a professional studio sound from home.

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