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The music you're searching for 

 hasn't been made yet.

Scouring the internet for stock music

is a huge waste of your time.

Anybody can download that same

piece of music and use it.

Pre-made music won't ever fit your sound. It doesn't ever 'feel' right.


Most downloadable music sites are music graveyards for rejected music. 


(Good) first impressions

I love working with people. My favorite thing to do is to make music, and my second favorite thing is to learn about other humans. So the thing that lights me up is learning who you are so we can discover what your unique sound is.

And that's great news for you! Because the only way to stand out is with a sound that is unique to only you. 

Unfortunately, you can stand out in a bad light; nothing repels listeners faster than bad audio paired with stock music.
It's an easy way to define your brand as sloppy and cliche.

On the other hand, ff you can make the listener's experience  pleasurable and engaging, you'll find yourself with fans for life.

Your sound should exude class, personality, and pride.
And most importantly, your sound should represent you, and your personality because there's only one of those. 

So let your audience get to know you and make a (good) first impression with excellent audio and audio branding that fosters engagement, memorability, and dare I say: connection!

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What does your music sound like?


Why work with Fox Tracks?

Music that feels right.

Your music is your music. You own 100%. No royalties 

Our world-wide team of studio pros allows us to make any style of music.

We take pride in understanding your unique sound to create music that feels like you.

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Sophia R.

"Max was an absolute gem to work with. He was able to channel my vision into instrumentation that still impresses me every time I listen to my song. He was incredibly patient with me as we continued to hone in on exactly what I wanted stylistically, and he had such a kind way of guiding me as a producer."

Piano Keys

The Nutrition Mechanic

"Max's attention to detail, creativity, timeliness, and quality is outstanding and one of a kind! We are thrilled to have original music, handcrafted by such a talented musician and producer, to add to our podcast project."

Guitar Playing

Jesse F.

"This is my third time using Fox Tracks and I couldn’t be happier! The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. Max is the man and one of the most talented, honest and fair people in the industry."


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This, is how, we doo it.



We chat to discover your audio palette, 
custom-made to fit your unique style.


We send you 3 demos to choose from and we record and produce your favorite version(s).


Your custom music is created and ready to go!
You own 100% of the rights. No royalties.

Max DeVincenzo Fox Tracks Music

About Fox Tracks

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Samples and Projects

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