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Collaborate with studio pros to produce your music.

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Our Mission

The music production process can be pretty daunting when you're going about it alone. Between mixing, arranging, studio costs, hiring musicians, and finding the time put it all together, it's easy to lose focus.

At Fox Tracks Music, we streamlined the music production process to provide guidance and efficiency to make more room for creativity. 


By collaborating with a dedicated producer and a superhero team of studio musicians, we'll help you bring your ideas to life.  

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Meet the Founder.

Max DeVincenzo started Fox Tracks Music as an online recording studio for artists to save time and stay creative.

Our mission is to help you bring your music into the world with a team of professional studio musicians and a streamlined music production process.

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Kind Words


Sophia R.

"Fox Tracks was able to channel my vision into instrumentation that still impresses me every time I listen to my song"

Piano Keys

Dina G.

"The attention to detail, creativity, timeliness, and quality is outstanding and one of a kind! We are thrilled."

Guitar Playing

Pat M.

"Fox Tracks Rocks! With our picky clients and tight deadlines we don't just trust anyone with our music needs."


Why Work With Us?


Clear Direction

You know exactly how you want your music to sound and we know exactly what it will take to get it there. 


Full Control

Don't let anything stand in the way of your creative vision. We'll provide all the tools you need.

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Creative Juices

Don't waste your time trying to do everything from mastering to marketing. Focus on making great music.
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