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Fox Tracks Music Presents...


For the Muse

Thank you for supporting The Muse Performance Space 

Lucas Wolf05369.jpg
  • 10 of Colorado's Best Artists 

  • Special Guests & Treats

  • Full-Length HD Video Concert

  • Professionally Produced Video & Audio

  • Support The Muse Performance Space

Grab your best headphones and your popcorn

Enjoy an immersive private concert 


 The Moonlit Wild

 BK Kahn Trio

 Shanna In a Dress

 Rebecca Folsom

 Jack Gaffney

 Natalia J

 Lucas Wolf

 Kim Crecelius

 Andrew Cooney 

 Cass Clayton & Taylor Scott

Proceeds Benefit The

Muse Performance Space


Produced by Fox Tracks Music

Video: Scott Rowland

Audio Recording: Jonathan Galle

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