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A clear path to a perfectly produced song. 

Image by Rosie Kerr

Producing your own music can feel daunting...

How long should each step take?

How do I describe what I want to the musicians and to the producer?

What do I do after I've finished

writing my song?

How do I use my time efficiently in the studio?

How can I find the time and money to produce an entire album?


Work with us to find the right path

Tweety Bird
Music Notation

Step 1:
Schedule a Call

Step 2:
Get a plan

Step 3:
Finish your song

Work with a dedicated producer one-on-one

Bring your musical ideas to life with a tangible plan.

Finish your song with the perfect production.

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Your music needs to be heard.

At Fox Tracks Music, we know how important it is for you to share your music with the world. Your music is precious and you want it to resonate with fans, you want it to mean something to those listening. But, the first step in order for your music to inspire others is to finish it and release it.

This isn't always easy. There's always the fear that you're doing things the wrong way, or your song isn't 'perfect' yet. You may not know the right way to do things, and you want to spend your time and money efficiently so you can release more music.

I know that with the technology at our disposal today, and with an incredible team of studio pros backing you up, your music can be heard. The worst thing you can do for your music is to not share it with those who might need to hear it.

I understand how this process can be daunting, which is why I started Fox Tracks. We help talented musicians like you bring their music to life through proper planning and powerful production. The first step in producing your music is right here.


Schedule a call and let's get started

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Sophia R.

"Max was able to channel my vision into instrumentation that still impresses me every time I listen to my song. He was incredibly patient with me as we continued to hone in on exactly what I wanted stylistically, and he had such a kind way of guiding me as a producer."

Piano Keys

Allie C.

I've worked with Max repeatedly, and have been so impressed by his professionalism, warmth, and the final product. To any songwriter who struggles to produce and output regular content: get Fox Tracks in your corner!

Guitar Playing

Jesse F.

"This is my third time using Fox Tracks and I couldn’t be happier! The quality is fantastic and the process is easy and stress free. Max is the man and one of the most talented, honest and fair people in the industry."

Why we rock
 (and funk, and jazz, and alt-pop-indie...)

We actually take the time to connect with you to understand your music.

Our world-class team of online studio pros allows you to save time and money.

We take production seriously and know the best way to bring your music to life in any genre.

Studio Services

Produce your music the way you want with Sound Packs, Instrument Tracks, Mixing, and Arrangements.

Instrument Tracks

Elevate your music with the perfect parts recorded by pro studio musicians.

Drums, bass, keys, guitar and more.

Sound Packs

Live-recorded sound packs to drop into your project for some inspiration and color. 

Audio Editing, 
Mixing & Mastering

Editing, touch-ups, mixing and more. Podcasts, home-recorded songs, voice-over etc.

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