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Project Story:

Specdrums Sound Packs

The Story

Specdrums: Play the colors in your environment. 

One of the coolest inventions we've ever seen: Specdrums. These small wearable bluetooth rings allow you to tap on different colors in your environment and trigger music sounds in the Specdrums Mix app. Way cool.


We were recruited to make loops for the app that the user could layer on top of each other and act as a DJ, creating a live piece of music using the rings. 

Specs: 'Loopable' 'Simple' 'Engaging'


Creating Interactive Music

One of the challenges of creating music that a user can manipulate is composing instrumental parts that work together, separately, and in any combination. 

We started by creating parts that were very groove-dominant and could layer on top of each other without conflict. 


You can program any sound you want into the app, so we sampled some bike sounds at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder

Original Demos

In addition to creating music for the Specdrums app, we also were asked to create music to be included in the launch video. Here are some of our favorite demos we made in the process.

City Strut
Summer Bubbles

The Final Mix

The final piece of music we created was split into 'stems' and then added to the Specdrums Mix app. Feel free to head on over to the app store and try them out yourself! We have a total of 6 sound packs in the app. 

Specdrums Final Version
00:00 / 01:37


Of 9 anonymous pieces submitted, Sphero chose 2 of our tracks for their top three; one in first place and one in third place. 

What's your story?

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