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Analog vs Digital Audio

In which we settle this once and for all so we can get back to recording this album already.

The analog vs digital debate has been a staple in the recording industry for as long as we can remember. Debaters are sure their methods are better when it comes to music gear, recording, sound and just general 'feel'. In the midst of this back and forth, with both sides absolutely positive to have the best opinion on this issue, we've forgotten what we set out to do in the first place - make music.

Well, we've HEARD ENOUGH!

It's time to settle this debate once and for all. One format has to be better than the other so let's get down to the bottom of it and take a look at this logically, rationally, and from an objective point of view. We rated the two formats on different categories like 'sound' and 'ease' to truly get a sense of which is better.

#1 Editing

Winner: Digital

Truthfully, it is much easier to edit on a digital interface. There's auto-tune, snap-to-grid and that magic 'make me sound like Adele' button.


#2 Interactivity

Winner: Analog

Look, you can't twiddle knobs on your laptop screen! As hard as you might try...


#3 Cable Management

Winner: Digital

It takes a sound guy to know how much of a PITA it is to coil a bunch of cables up


#4 Looks

Winner: Analog

Let's be honest, nobody is rolling up to the studio because you have the most recent version of Waves Gold. Oh speaking of which....


#5 You Don't Have To Buy Plugins (or update them)

Winner: Analog

Ah, the good old days. When all you had to do to record was recall an entire session on the board by following a meticulously documented layout of where every single knob is supposed to be and resetting it manually one by one. Nice.


#6 Sound

Winner: TIE! (But we all know it's analog)

Do we? I honestly think nowadays it's all pretty marginal, especially when people are just listening on their airpods and can't even hear the-


#7 Your Nephew Is Already A Better Producer Than You

Winner: Digital



#8 Undo Buttpn

Winner: Digital

Ha! Can you imagine not having that? It's almost like you would have to learn how to play your instrument proficiently!


#9 Smells just a little bit like weed

Winner: Analog, dude.

It's vintage, man.


Our consensus? It really doesn't matter. Just go practice your instrument.



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