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Home Studio Recording - 10 Reasons to Get Set Up Today!

Get your Home Recording Studio Set Up ASAP!

(Cover Photo by Gianandrea Villa)

Back in the day (let’s say the 60’s) it was a much different process to record a song. You would probably need to write your song, then find a couple of buddies from your street who could play (or not), you would get them to learn your song and then you would all shlep your gear down to the studio, set up your amps and drum set, pay your fees, and you would record the song with everyone in the same room recording at the same time onto a tape machine. Mixing was very minimal and from there you would get your album pressed to vinyl for distribution.

Can you IMAGINE if they had logic pro and a laptop back then?!

Now we have access to unparalleled technology, countless plugins, great interfaces, and our Mobile Phones literally have One MILLION Times more RAM than the Apollo computer that guided the moon landing. (Yes, really.)

High-End Audio companies have pivoted in the last few years making home recording more accessible than ever. It would be a shame for us not to make use of the amazing gear coming out at more accessible pricing. Here's our ten reasons to get set up today!

1. Comfort

Recording at home means you can be comfortable and relaxed. With no time limit to get everything recorded you’ll probably end up getting better takes. Billie Eilish recorded her Multi-Grammy-Winning album at home sitting on her bed holding a microphone in her hand. Feeling confident and comfortable when you're recording is most important, so if you feel rushed in a studio then recording at home is a great solution.

2. The Gear Is Good

If you tried to record at home in the 60s you would get laughed at. (Here’s your tape machine!) As the technology gets better and better, the gear gets better. Now you can buy a little box for about $100 that connects to your computer and converts audio to digital information that your computer can understand. That is AMAZING! And it sounds good too! Now with more and more audio companies getting on board with home studio musicians you'll be able to find exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

3. Don't Lose Your Ideas!

Ever had a great idea for a melody and you couldn’t find a way to write it down? If you had a home recording studio you’d be able to walk over to your ‘booth’, hit record, and document your beautiful creation. You can also record guitar separate from vocals first just to get the ideas down. Beat box a drum beat to get an idea of what you want! An unrecorded song is a blank canvas for you to try new things, hear them, and modify. It's a fantastic medium for the innovative songwriter.

4. Collaborate With Others

More people are set up to record at home than you think! For example, our whole Online Recording Studio is based on a network of studio musicians (who have all passed an audition for their sound quality and musicality). We produce parts at a main hub and send off charts for instrumentalists to record to! If you can record your vocal tracks in Texas, your bass can be recorded in Oregon, Guitar in California, Drums in Colorado. You can also get your song mixed and mastered, strings and horn parts arranged, and much more. Recording at home allows you to break into this network of musicians and make your ideas a reality without spending thousands of dollars.

5. Save Money

Getting set up to record at home might look daunting when you see you have to buy an interface, a microphone, and cables and stands, but if you take a closer look it's really not that expensive anymore! Plus, compare that to the day rate of a studio and do the math. In the long run you will spend less money recording at home, even if you have to invest a bit more up front. If you end up going to a physical recording studio at some point in the process, you’ll have practiced recording and you know exactly what everything should sound like, plus you'll have scratch tracks for every element and idea. Nice!

6. It’s Easier Than You Think

“What do I need to set up a home studio?” Not a lot, believe it or not. Recording at home only takes a few things: a room, an interface, a microphone, a computer, and a recording software (DAW). I bet you have two of those already! If you want to go the extra mile you can invest in some headphones (you probably have those too) and do a little bit of work to sound treat your room. The softwares you have to choose from are all very intuitive and you don't need to read the entire manual to record your vocals.

7. It’s Great Practice!

Recording yourself at home and listening back to your performance is one of the best forms of practice you can get. Your home studio will allow you to hear yourself in high quality and focus on your weak points. You can listen to the song as a whole and see if it flows nicely, you can listen back to a spot where you think you got off time and figure out why, you can hear what lines in the melody are a bit pitchy. As a listener, you’ll pick up on so much more than when you’re playing, and you'll be able to adjust with ease.

8. Upgrade Your Content

Recording at home means you can set up a video studio along with your recording studio and knock your instagram videos OUT OF THE PARK. This could just be a well-lit iPhone video plus some KICK-ASS AUDIO. You'll have the means to record lessons, show songs in progress, live-stream, record YouTube content... you name it. High quality audio is so important when you’re trying to stand out in a sea of musicians. You know it's true!

9. Flesh Out Your Songs

If you learn to record at home you’ll be able to better explain and understand what your song needs when it comes time to work with a producer. By sketching out the elements and ideas you hear in your head, it'll be much easier to flesh everything out when you finalize the tracks. Instead of writing an idea down or trying to remember it, you can record a 'mock-up' of what that idea is supposed to sound like. Play the drums on your guitar, sing a string line, or record a melody on your instrument. Being able to hear everything at the same time is SO valuable.

10. Let Your Music Be Heard

Don't take your music with you to your grave! We want to hear it! Recording your song at home will allow you to FINALLY finish that one song. A simple home studio will sound much better than a voice memo recording and as long as you do a good job recording your parts, you can totally release it on Spotify, YouTube, etc. Just get it out there! You can even re-record it later if you want. Getting set up to record at home means you can take your songs and turn them into something tangible for people to enjoy.

If money or time is in the way of recording at a studio this is a perfect option for you.

Download our Home Recording PDF HERE and email us at if you have any questions! We’re always happy to help out.



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