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How Can Your Music Help?

Fox Tracks Music is currently in collaboration with The Muse Performance Space to produce a video fundraiser supporting victims of the Marshall Fire in Colorado. If you'd like to learn more or help our efforts, join our Facebook Group HERE.

Somebody once said something to me that has been stuck in my mind ever since. Sitting in a coffee shop talking about creativity, career, life goals and purpose she said:

"With all of the suffering happening in the world, it is your duty as a musician to create, to put good into the world. The human race needs art and music to offset death and violence and create a balance."

I think about this almost every day.

And it's true! If we zoom out and look, there are so many tragedies happening right now. Pollution, poverty, global warming, starvation, homelessness, and natural disaster including most recently the Marshall fire with its sudden destruction in Colorado. The list goes on and on and on. As an observer, it's hard not to feel helpless.

As a musician, you might look down at your hands and say "but I don't have tons of money to donate, I don't have the solution to global warming, all I have is this guitar and my songs."

At first it may not seem like much, but music has more power than we might realize.

Concert for Bangladesh - to fund relief for refugees from East Pakistan - George Harrison and Ravi Shankar - $250,000

That's What Friends Are For by Burt Bacharach - To raise awareness for the American Foundation of AIDS Research - Featuring Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and Elton John - $3,000,000+

Ronan by Taylor Swift - Written as tribute to a 4 year old child's death from cancer - 100% of sales from the single donated to help fight cancer

Everybody Wants to Run The World by Tears for Fears - Re-recorded version of 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' to raise money for famine relief in Africa with Sport Aid.

We Are The World - USA For Africa, Prod Quincy Jones - over $140,000,000 raised

Lionel Richie, Sheila E., Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Harry Belafonte and Smokey Robinson (Credit: Billboard Magazine)

On and on and on this list goes all the way down to a solo show where the singer simply dedicates a song to a recent tragedy; a drop in the bucket for good.

Music can raise money, raise awareness, and lift spirits.

Music can carry a message.

Music can change someone's mind.

Music can be a protest, it can be a response to injustice.

Music can be cathartic for people; for the listeners and for the writers.

Music can raise millions of dollars.

Music can help people recover.

Music can create confidence in those who need to express themselves.

Music can give struggling young teens a way to channel their emotions.

Music can help us understand each other.

There have been productions for hurricane relief, songs for peace, playlists with purpose, and concerts with a cause. Teams of musicians banded together with a mutual wish to fight for good... what will you make?

How about backing tracks for the people who really really really want to sing but don't have the means? Guitar lessons for the retired financier with mastery of that Van Halen solo on his bucket list. There is no limit.

What will you make and who will you help?

What will you do with your art to make a difference in the world?


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