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How to practice effectively (5 Tips)

Why 5 minutes is better than 4 hours.

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When I was at school at Berklee I heard rumors of musicians practicing 4, 6, even 8 hours every day. I wasn't buying it. I always wondered how they stayed focused and worked on something productive for that length of time.

Well, they didn't. Sure, some students had material to work on, and were dedicated to perfection. They had routines and regiments to stay focused and practice efficiently. Other students though, I would see eating lunch in their practice rooms... on their phones... playing things that weren't challenging or out of their comfort zone.

Turns out 4 hours in a practice room doesn't always mean 4 hours of practicing.

After years of practice and lots of experience working on my drumming and production skills I learned that it isn't all about the time you put into your skill.

Forget 10,000 hours, here are 5 rules that have helped me keep my practice efficient:

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#1 Only practice things you might play

#2 Improvement should sound bad

#3 Playing is not practicing

#4 If you aren't improving, you aren't practicing

#5 You should know what you're practicing

I hope this gives you some inspiration and direction for your next practice session. And by the way, we have a great Home Recording Guide you can download for free if you want to start recording yourself for practice with a real studio set up.




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